Research by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) revealed that there are roughly 12,500 electrical fires every year in the united kingdom along with 2,000 non-fatal and 10 serious electric shocks.

Of those surveyed, 42% stated that they had never had their particular electrics inspected.We use a lot more electrical appliances inside the house compared to previously. This will make these individuals a high risk if there’s defective wiring, therefore it is essential to maintain your electrics appropriately and securely.

Old properties are particularly vulnerable because they will often have significantly less electrical sockets and when these are generally overloaded with extension leads they could result in fire. The NICEIC advises that you have your electrics inspected by having an electrical inspection at the very least every 10 years.Thinking of hiring an electrician? or an electrical contractor.

For those who have basic understanding of electrics you might be wondering why you should hire an electrician instead of carry out the work yourself. Despite having basic understanding, electricity is extremely dangerous.

Additionally should you make an effort to repair problematic electrics, you might even make the problem a whole lot worse. Additionally, you will want to contact your local authority, pay out a charge as well as comply with part P of the building regulations.

There’s also requirements which electrical work must be completed to; these include the British Standards BS 7671: Requirements for Electrical Installations. Furthermore you will want to inform the local authority or council of the type of installation to receive an Electrical Installation Certificate to confirm it meets British Standards 7671 and a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate to demonstrate their work conforms with section P. This will turn up within Thirty days from the job being carried out.

If you think you’re able to do every one of these things correctly, therefore you’re likely already an electrician. If not, you need to hire an electrical contractor who’s a member of the NICEIC or the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) to complete the job so that you can make sure it is of a typical high standard.

Electrical surveys or periodic electrical inspection now known as electrical condition reports.

If your a landlord renting properties out you should have an electrical condition report for the properties you rent out so you can be sure the electrical installation is in a good condition, not only are you providing a safe place for your new tenant you are covering your own back. Electrical inspections are a considerably cost effective means of getting the electrics in your property checked for faults and to make certain they are safe. The NICEIC advises that you have your electrics inspected in this way every Ten years or less. A few of the items that may suggest you require an electrical inspection are:

• Fuse boxes without labels, with wooden backs or iron switches
• Flickering lights and blown fuses
• Hot plugs and scorch marks
• Frayed or damaged cables, especially if they protrude through wall plaster

Installing Repairing Electrics

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