Outdoor feature lighting design and installation by electricians with a great knowledge of outdoor lighting design that will bring a new sense of life to your living space., backed by 25 years of experience in creating the perfect place to relax and unwind in and around Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. Warrington, Cheshire and Wigan, Greater Manchester areas.

specialists in lighting design and installation.

Specialise in Garden lighting and landscape feature lighting design and installation, we can create an exterior landscape lighting design that best suits your garden with the positioning of each light to maximize the potential for its location, with our knowledge and years of experience and efficient service which offers greater value for money. We are able to install a range of bespoke and affordable lighting and other electrical features to create a beautiful outdoor space, if you've recently done your garden or had a new patio or decking installed and looking to improve the area, you could add some LED decking lights around the edge just as a nice feature or would like a weatherproof socket for a water feature. we can also help create the perfect mood lighting so you can relax and unwind, all carried out by fully qualified approved local electricians near you. If your looking for ideas on outdoor lights check out lights.co.uk, when purchasing exterior lights check they are suitable for external use or the location they are being installed in. the way of checking is to look for the IP rating of the fitting, IP stands for Ingress Protection this defines the effectiveness and level of protection against intrusion from foreign bodies and moisture.


Landscape feature lighting types

Path lights and Pathfinder lights - these are good to highlight the edge of a path, steps or stairs.

Decking lights - very effective to have around the decking to define the edges or sides.

Brick lights and wall lights - brick lights can be useful low down to light up a walkway or drive.

Bollard lighting - Bollards are good if you want to light up a drive or path

Directional lighting - ideal for illuminating designated areas

Fence lights - positioned either high up or low down, fence lights are really good to highlight the fence

Driveway lighting and Entrance lights, - These can be a floodlight that automatically switches on so when you drive or walk towards the sensor the light will turn on.

Automatic lighting - You can have your lighting switched on with either dusk till dawn or a time switch

Area lighting - sometimes very useful to a have a large light you can switch on that will light up the entire area.

LED light colours -  there are a few different colours of light you could choose, most common are Warm White: 2200K-3300K and Cool White: 3300K-5500K

Why it is important to use a Residual Current Device

An RCD is a safety device that switches off the electricity automatically when it detects an earth fault. Any socket-outlet that may be used for plugging in portable electrical equipment that is to be used outdoors should have RCD protection. this includes feature lighting.

Check that you are protected by an RCD with a maximum rated residual operating current of 30 milliamperes (mA). If your socket-outlet is not protected by an RCD, purchase a good quality plug-in RCD adaptor from a reputable dealer, as a temporary measure. The safest option is to get a registered installer to install permanent RCD protection to all socket outlets that may be used for plugging in 230 V outdoor portable electrical equipment.

RCDs need to be tested quarterly by the users of the electrical installation, in accordance with the notice that should be fixed near them. This normally involves pressing the test button and checking that the RCD switches off the supply immediately. Regular testing is important, to ensure the correct operation of the RCD mechanism in the event of a fault.

Garden Lighting

Water Pumps for Garden Ponds

Incorrectly installed or damaged 230V electrical water pumps in garden ponds, may create a serious electric shock risk in and around the pond, resulting in injury or death. This is because the risk of electric shock is higher in the presence of water. This page is intended to help you to use electrical equipment safely in the garden and avoid electrical accidents. The risk of an electric shock causing serious injury or death, is greater outdoors than indoors, due to possible wet conditions and physical contact with the ground.

A 230 V electric water pump in the garden should be:

  • Good quality and be purchased from a reputable retailer
    • Protected by an RCD, that is tested by means of the integral test button at least every 3 months
    • Installed in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
    • Provided with cables that are protected against accidental damage
    • Maintained in good working order, including cables and any connections
    • Switched off when carrying out pond cleaning.

If any defects are found, switch off the water pump’s electrical supply immediately and have the pump repaired by a competent electrician.

Flexible Cables and Connectors

Cables and connections should be:

  • Good quality and be purchased from a reputable retailer
    • Suitable for use outdoors
    • Suitable for the equipment used
    • Free from damage and kept clean
    • Used in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
    • Switched off when carrying out pond cleaning.
    • Located to prevent anyone tripping over the cable
    • Routed to prevent them being damaged e.g. stepped on or cut
    • Kept as dry as possible.

If any damage is found, unplug from the electrical supply immediately, and have the damaged items replaced. Always take care not to damage flexible cables and connectors.

If an ‘inline-connector’ is required it must be correctly connected to the flexible cable ends by a competent person, in order to avoid danger from any incorrect connections being made, which might result in serious injury or death!


Wet Conditions

Wet Conditions

Do not use electrical equipment when it is raining or in areas that are being watered. The risk of serious injury and even death from electric shock, are far higher in wet conditions, than in the dry. Ground conditions may also be slippery in the wet, which increases the risk of an accident. Electrical equipment may also suffer damage in wet conditions.

Using electrical equipment in the garden in dry conditions reduces the risk of an accident.

Our Recommendations

Incorrectly selected, installed or damaged 230V outdoor lighting installations may create a risk of electric shock, resulting in serious injury or even death.

For 230V feature lighting in the garden:

  • Buy good quality electrical outdoor lighting equipment from a reputable retailer
    • Make sure outdoor lighting fittings (luminaires) are weatherproof
    • Ensure lighting fittings used for water features are waterproof
    • Have it installed by a competent electrician in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and BS 7671 – Requirements for Electrical Installations (IEE Wiring Regulations), which is the national safety standard for electrical installation work
    • Check for damaged lighting fittings, cables and connections
    • Remove leaves and dirt from lighting fittings
    • If any faults are found, switch off the electrical supply immediately, and have them repaired.

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KC Chutima
KC Chutima
30. November, 2021.
Really happy with the service we received when we needed an emergency electrician when our power was out. Very quick and friendly service came within an hour of call out and fixed our switch board straight away. Would highly recommend!
Carrie Watson
Carrie Watson
30. November, 2021.
Really pleased with the way my Consumer unit replacement went! Very professional, knowledgeable and responsive company! I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Charlotte Van Den Hoek
Charlotte Van Den Hoek
25. November, 2021.
Fantastic service! I would 100% recommend Lee and his team to others. I'm really pleased with my security lighting, you've all done a great job. Thank you!
Anthony Cunliffe
Anthony Cunliffe
20. November, 2021.
On time good at their job. Nice friendly guys
Su Daintith
Su Daintith
9. November, 2021.
Used Lee a number of times for some projects. Including change of the board, rewiring an oven, external lighting and light faults. Always on time, polite and friendly lads. Recommend to others
Maureen Lawrenson
Maureen Lawrenson
24. October, 2021.
Rang Lee up at ProElec and explained the job, as the lady is 92, and partially sighted. They came the next day, as they are local to us. Absolutely fine, job done and so grateful for the speedy response. Would recommend to all.
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks
9. August, 2021.
Top quality service from Lee. Instalation of the new main panel and bathroom light fittings was completed without any issues and he made sure safe working practices were followed throughout the job. Everything was explained to me regarding changes and upgrades so that I understood it all properly, and they left the work areas clean and tidy. Friendly and professional, thank you.
Matt Simcock
Matt Simcock
5. August, 2021.
Lee and Bailey did a great job setting up the electrics at our new house. Very friendly, communicative and professional. Fine work and highly recommended.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Do the power cables need to be buried in the garden

you don't have to bury the cables in the ground, they can be clipped to a wall or fence.

Is it important to get my outside lights in the right position?

it depends on where the lights are going if they are being set in a path or a wall you want to make sure they are in the correct place, but if they were in the boarders you can move them around to suit

Do you have to use special cables outside?

The short answer is yes, there are many types of electrical cable but you have to use one that's suitable for the location.

Can i use 230v power supply for my outdoor lights

Yes as long as they are installed correctly using 230v isn't a problem.

Can I just to plug my garden light in a socket.

yes, a lot of kits like the decking lights can just be plugged in if you have got a suitable weatherproof outside socket.

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