Get at very least 3 quotations provided by certified electricians before you decide to hire one.
The cost of hiring an electrician varies and also depends generally on the type of job you’ll need doing. Installing a new electrical socket will take considerably longer compared to rewiring an entire house, for instance. If you have a number of electrical jobs that require doing then it’s almost certainly worth getting them all completed at the same time to bring down the fees.

How to find the right electrician for you.

You will find hundreds of electricians in the uk, so locating one shouldn’t be a challenge – what you need to make certain is you employ one who’s up to the job. It’s always best to hire a qualified and insured electrician that is experienced and accredited to complete the work, ensure that they’ve got Public Liability insurance to compensate for any problems they might cause.

It’s also essential to check each contractor’s recommendations and evidence of certification. Electrician costs may vary and you need to decide very carefully to get yourself a experienced contractor at affordable rates – obtain a quotation from a minimum of 3 electricians before deciding.

Cost of hiring an electrician for general repairs and maintenance

For small repairs, for instance repairing an electric central heating boiler or perhaps a damaged table lamp, the electrician will most likely require under an hour. Hiring an electrician will cost between £20-30 per hour, although some charge a call out fee of approximately one hour’s charge plus some charge you a lot more for the first hour.

To keep your electrician charges to a minimum you need to look out for call-out prices; they could double the amount for one hour of work and may raise the price of straightforward electrical jobs significantly. A number of electrical contractors will offer you 30 minute rates that can cost around £15, which also is an alternative for small repairs.

Cost of hiring an electrician for electrical installations.

For large jobs, for example wiring a new-built house or rewiring an old house or sections of an existing building, you need to hire an electrical contractor for longer than just a couple of hours. In such cases you need to request a quote for the entire project up-front and compare and contrast various quotes. Wiring an electric shower for your bathroom, for example, will most likely cost around £200.

The price of rewiring a three-bedroom property will come close to £1500 although employing an electrician to wire a new-built house will be considerably less expensive. Usually an electrician should be able to provide you with materials such as wires, light switches and sockets however you may decide to supply your own light switches to be certain they suit your interior design, the majority of electricians may prefer using their own.


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