Electrical Installation Conditional Reports

What are Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) and why do you need one for your home?

Old, faulty and unsafe wiring is one of the main causes or electrical fires in the home. Regular inspections of your cables, switches and sockets are essential to ensure that your electrical installations are safe for continued use. Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) are such inspections and must be carried out by approved registered contractor


What are Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)?


Put simply, an EICR is a comprehensive report on the fixed wiring in your home, covering all of your electrical installations. It will tell you if any of your electrical circuits or equipment in use is overloaded; identify any electric shock hazards or risks; and also to check for any underlying defective electrical work for example in your fuse board or earth bonding.


Any checks are categorised into three levels of urgency: Code One (C1) are extremely urgent problems and will need to be rectified immediately. Code Two (C2) problems are issues that pose a potential danger, but often these can be fixed at a later date. Code Three (C3) issues are only really recommendations and not deemed unsafe, generally guidance or best practice offered by the electrician.


“Why do I need an Electrical Installation Condition Report?”


This is a common question we get asked, first and foremost you need an EICR to guarantee your home is a safe place to be. Just like taking your car for an MOT, your home needs regular checks (recommended intervals between tests click here) to make sure your wiring and electrical installations pose no threat to you or your family.


There are two types of EICR that are relevant for homeowners – Visual Condition Reports are basic checks carried out by electricians and only really suitable if your electrics have recently been tested. Periodic Inspection Reports are much more thorough checks and reveal the state of your household’s electrical wiring systems.


New legislation for landlords – 2019


For Landlords, new tougher electrical safety standards have been introduced by the Government to protect private tenants. These include mandatory electrical installation safety checks every five years, and also providing tenants with safety certificates to confirm installation checks have been completed.


As part of the new standards, the Government is setting out as good practice that landlords supply electrical appliance testing and visual checks of electrical appliances at every change of tenancy (if lower than five years).


What should you look for in an EICR provider?


Your electrician or contractor needs to be approved by various electrical regulatory bodies, for example NICEIC, STROMA and the ECA. These are regulatory bodies for the UK electrical industry that carry out competency checks on electricians.


For your peace of mind, all of our engineers at ProElec Electrical Services Ltd are fully CRB certified and NICEIC approved for complete piece of mind. For nearly 20 years we have been carrying out Electrical Installation Condition Reports for homeowners across the North West and the rest of the UK.


We provide a courteous and efficient electrical service and are able to work with minimal fuss around your home.


We also work closely with landlords to ensure their properties are compliant, and above all safe for their occupants. We carry out Electrical Installation Condition Reports with minimum fuss around your properties and tenants.


ProElec Electrical Services Ltd – your local, reliable commercial electrician


If you are looking for a local and reliable electrician in the Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire area, we would be happy to help with your electrical project. We also cover nationwide too, just talk to us and we will be happy to listen.


We have a sensible approach to domestic electrical work and are fully aware of the increasing costs of staying on top of ever-expanding electrical regulations. Request a quote or talk to Lee about carefully planned maintenance packages for your home.


Request a leaflet today on our Domestic Electrical Services Maintenance Packages – giving you peace of mind for complete electrical cover in your home.


For further information, contact ProElec Electrical Services Ltd on 01925 222197 or email us


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