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Should I Get CCTV For My Home?

Of course, we all like to do everything that we can to keep our homes as safe and secure as possible.


This can be as simple as ensuring that all our doors and windows are locked before we go to bed or leave the house, or perhaps having a burglar alarm installed somewhere within the home. However, if you’d like to go the extra mile in keeping your home safe, you may be able to benefit from the installation of CCTV within your property.


Here are just a few reasons why you could benefit from the installation of a CCTV system within your home.


Monitor Your Home Any Time


Many businesses monitor their CCTV from a control room, hiring a member of security staff to keep watch over what’s going on around the building. Of course, you’re likely not going to do that for your private property.


However, these days, many modern security systems can be monitored from anywhere and at any time – all you need is your mobile phone.


If you spend hours away from your home and are looking to keep an eye on your property, belongings or even your pets or teenage children whilst they’re home alone, you could certainly benefit from the installation of a CCTV system that allows footage to be sent live to your mobile phone.


Doing this will allow you to keep an eye on your home at all hours of the day, wherever you may be.


Catch Out Criminals


In the unfortunate event that your property is targeted by vandals, burglars or other criminals, having CCTV footage to hand over to the police will hugely increase the chances of the authorities catching the person or people responsible.


If you plan on having CCTV installed, ensure that you are covering all bases in order to get the best results possible in the case that you do ever find yourselves the victim of a crime.


It may seem unlikely – thankfully, it is – but it’s always best to prepare for the worst case scenario in order to make things easier further down the line.


Protect Property Outdoors


It goes without saying that it is much easier to keep your property safe when it is kept inside your home.


No matter how secluded an area you may live in, any property that you keep outside your home is at risk of being targeted by criminals.


This is especially true when it comes to those who have cars, barbecues, bikes, etc. that are not being kept inside a garage or other storage space within your home.


By ensuring that you have CCTV monitoring the outside of your home and your back garden, you are able to protect these valuable items and prevent them from being damaged or stolen.


Lower Your Risk Of Being Targeted


We’ve already talked about the benefits of CCTV when it comes to catching out those responsible for a crime against your property, but it’s certainly worth mentioning that CCTV acts as a deterrent, too.


Homes where CCTV can be seen clearly around the outside of the property are far less likely to be targeted by criminals, as they are at a much higher risk of being charged with their crimes. Therefore, as helpful as CCTV is in the case of solving a crime which has been committed, it also acts as a deterrent against those looking to commit a crime in the first place.


Remember that, for this to work effectively, your CCTV system must be in plain view and be placed in a way that no area is left unmonitored.


Know Who’s Calling


With CCTV situated at the front of your house, you are able to take a look at whoever may be calling at your door without heading out to answer it.


This is incredibly beneficial, as a high percentage of robberies surprisingly happen whilst the homeowner is at home, often through the use of distraction.


By being able to see who is knocking before you open the door, you lower the risk of being targeted in this way whilst you are at home.


Call Us Today


In an ideal world, CCTV would be entirely unnecessary – however, hundreds of crimes against the properties of others happen each and every day.


If you’re looking to ensure maximum protection for your home and property, why not look into the installation of CCTV today? Here at ProElec Electrical Services, we have years of experience in electrical installation, including in the installation of both commercial and domestic CCTV.


If you are based within Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside, Warrington, Cheshire, Wigan or Greater Manchester and are interested in the installation of CCTV for your property, get in touch with us today and allow us to help you keep your home as safe as possible.


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