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Need Help Creating The Perfect Outdoor Lighting?

As we prepare to get back into long summer nights spent with family and friends, it’s time to upgrade our gardens with landscape Lighting!


Whether it’s a full-out landscaping makeover or just a few changes here and there to refresh the look of your outdoor space, no garden upgrade is complete without adding in some fun, attractive lighting solutions so that you can enjoy the outdoors long after the sun goes down.


These days, there’s no need to simply settle for a couple of solar powered lamps placed around the garden. Outdoor lighting design can be both more creative and more impressive than ever – and achieving top-class landscape lighting design could be a lot easier than you think.


Here are just a few of our top tips for garden lighting in 2021.


Work Around Your Theme


Like interior design, garden design works best when every element ties into a particular theme.


Popular garden design themes trending at the moment include Mediterranean inspired, festival inspired and traditional cottage chic. Even those who have a more simple outdoor space, such as a small backyard, to work with can create a theme using outdoor furniture and potted plants.


This theme will inform every decision you make when designing your outdoor space, from plants to furniture to accessories and, of course, lighting.


Once you have a theme in mind, the style of lighting that will work perfectly will be much easier to identify – for example, a Mediterranean-inspired space would work brilliantly with delicate fairy lights, warm spotlights and plenty of candlelight.


We’d recommend deciding on a theme as the first step within your garden design process – it’ll make all of your decisions much easier along the way.


Mix Lighting Styles & Purposes


A range of different lighting styles will make for a much more varied look overall and will prove more visually interesting, much in the same way that you might mix soft accent lighting in your home with brighter, more practical lighting.


It’s no different in the garden, as different lighting types are used for different purposes.


The two main types of lighting that are utilised in the garden are ambient and accent lighting.


Ambient lighting is often brighter and more practical, giving off more light so that you and your friends and family can still see well once night falls. As the most prominent and visible lighting type in your garden, this style of lighting will contribute more to the overall atmosphere of your garden.


Accent lighting is there to enhance this atmosphere and tends to be placed more sporadically throughout the space. Ambient lighting styles include string lighting, festoon lighting and hanging lanterns.


By combining both styles, you can create a varied and visually interesting garden space.


Be Strategic With Placement


Look at the placement of your lighting and ensure that no large areas of your garden are being left in the dark, as well as keeping an eye on the fact that all the lighting is not overwhelmingly placed within one specific area of the space.


The area that we tend to automatically focus on when mapping out where garden lighting should go is the area where we are likely to sit – around a patio furniture set or around a firepit or BBQ. However, if we attempt to place too much of the lighting around these spaces, it could be less ambient and prove almost distracting.


It also tends to make the garden feel smaller as a whole, as we are not making the most of all the space available.


In order to create a relaxed, warm atmosphere around the garden and make use of all the space, it’s worth ensuring that all areas have at least some form of light placement nearby. Make good use of directional lighting - paths could be lit via spotlights, trees could be an ideal place for festoon lighting, brick lights and fence lights allow you to brighten up the perimeter, etc.


By strategically placing different styles and sources of light around your garden, you can ensure that no part of your outdoor space is left in the dark!


Call On Us


At ProElec, landscape lighting is just one of the varied range of electrician services that we offer.


We can help you throughout every step of the process, through lighting design and placement to the installation of your garden lighting. We offer path lights, decking lights, bollard lights, directional lighting, LED lights and area lights – we can even create a fully automatic lighting system for your garden, so that there’s no need to run around switching everything on yourself. to give you an idea on landscape lighting you can check this website out for some ideas.


Our garden lighting solutions are both bespoke and affordable – we keep the customer at the core of each and every project that we take on, tailoring your unique lighting solutions to your wants and needs.


We ensure that we approach every job with top-class professionalism and work to achieve a high-quality finish every time! We’ve got years of experience in providing both commercial and domestic lighting solutions to homes in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. Warrington, Cheshire, Wigan and across the Greater Manchester area.


If you’re looking into the installation of garden lighting or would like information on any of our vast range of electrician services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today or you can contact us at 01925 222197 or drop us an email at




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