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How Outdoor Lighting Can Make Your Garden Summer-Ready

Lighting up your outdoor space.

With social distancing still be a reality this summer, you want to get your outdoor living space ready for the season. Investing in feature and garden lighting means you can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest during the spring and summer. At ProElec Electrical Services Ltd, we’re NICEIC accredited electricians based across the Great Manchester area. Our team of local electricians are on hand to help you upgrade your outdoor living space ahead of the summer months. We’re sharing a few of our favourite outdoor lighting features to give you an idea of what you can add to your space to illuminate it this spring and summer.


The Power of Good Lighting

During the summer, we all love to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Keeping your outdoor space illuminated can add a relaxing ambience to your garden or patio that means you can stay outside until the small hours of the morning. Sometimes your overhead floodlighting can be too harsh for quiet evenings in the garden, especially if you have neighbours close by.


Choosing feature and garden lighting that works for your space means you can enjoy your outdoor living area without worrying about irritating your neighbours or anyone who might be inside your house. With the pandemic still being a reality, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn your outdoor space into your personal beer garden. You can turn it into your spring cleaning project. Our team of electricians can help you by adding lighting fixtures to your garden or outdoor space to bring a new sense of life to your living space.


Five Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Overhead Lanterns If you want to add a touch of ambient lighting to your garden, overhead lanterns and festoon lights are a perfect choice. They’ll add just enough light to keep you cooking into the late hours without disturbing your view of the sunset. These lights are best used in larger spaces where they can hang from one area of your outdoor space to the other. It’s perfect for your decking, patio, or anywhere that you’re planning to serve food or set up a seating area.


You can create a starry night for your own garden with a few strands of well-placed overhead bulbs and lanterns.


  1. Standalone Post Lamp

Your ambient lighting shouldn’t be limited to your back garden. You can add post lamps throughout your driveway or front garden to make your home a welcoming place to visitors. Post lamps are a great alternative to harsh overhead lamps and will produce a warmer glow. Our friendly team of local electricians can install these post lamps as they’ll need to be powered by your mains electricity. You can lead your guests up the garden path with these short post lamps by running them from your gate through to your entryway.


  1. Porch or Patio Overhead Lamp

Whatever size of garden you have, it’s likely you have an area that provides some shelter. It might be your back porch, or it could be an enclosed patio set-up that sits in a separate part of your garden. Investing in an overhead wall light is the best place to start with your outdoor lighting. It’ll illuminate most of the area around it without disturbing your neighbours.


Adding one of these lighting fixtures to a sheltered area in your garden means you can still enjoy your outdoor living space when there’s a short summer shower. This style of lighting will also be mains powered, and we can install your chosen light fixture for you. Acrylic light fixtures are a popular choice for sheltered areas in your garden as they’re easy to maintain but need to be kept out of the elements.


  1. Lanterns

Want a lighting solution you can take with you on the go? Lanterns are the perfect solution. These stand-along light fixtures can be carried with you around your garden as you need them. It’s best to keep an eye out for the style that comes with a handle, so you can hang it over on any hooks you have in place around your garden.


One of the best things about these lanterns is that they’re battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about connecting to your mains power supply. These lanterns are a must-have for anyone who plans to be hosting family parties, social events, or barbeques in their back garden late into the evening. You can set these lanterns out of your balcony or patio as decoration when you’re not using them.


  1. Spotlights

If you have a green thumb, you probably want to show off your garden to friends and visitors. Our team of electricians can help you install garden spotlights strategically around your outdoor space to shine a light on your handiwork. We know it can take months (even years!) to get your garden to come alive with beautiful plants and shrubs. After putting in months of hard work, it’s the perfect way to show off your garden.


It’s best to have one of our local electricians help you decide where to place your spotlights, as well as installing them. The last thing you want to do is to disturb the plants and shrubs you’ve spent months cultivating ahead of the summer. Adding this style of lighting fixture will illuminate other areas of your garden that you wouldn’t normally be sitting around and help to balance the light. If you have a fire pit or other heating features as a focal point of your garden, these spotlights can be placed nearby to add extra ambient lighting.


If you’re looking to upgrade your garden lighting ahead of the summer months, we’re here to help you get the job done. We offer electrical services across the Greater Manchester area, along with Cheshire, Merseyside, Newton-le-Willows, Warrington, and Wigan. One of our friendly team of NICEIC accredited local electricians will help you turn your dream outdoor living space into a reality. You can contact us at 01925 222197 or drop us an email at



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