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Electrician Services You’ll Need For Your New Home

If you’ve recently purchased a new property, you’ve probably already started planning out all of the different contractors and services you’ll need in order to get it ready to live in or rent out.


When making your plans, one service that you certainly shouldn’t forget to call on is the assistance of a top quality, highly-qualified electrician! Electricians can do far more than simply repair any issues that need attention – and a lot of the services that we offer can be incredibly helpful to getting off to the very best start within your new home.


Here are just a few of the electrician services you should look into before you move into a new property!


Getting An EICR Carried Out


EICRs – or Electrical Installation Condition Reports – are one of the most effective ways that you can get an overall diagnosis on the state of the electrical installations within your property.


You’ve probably heard previously that these are only legally required if you are a landlord renting out your property to a new tenant. However, whilst homeowners don’t need to have an EICR carried out by law, these reports are there to ensure that the electrical systems within your home are safe and not in need of urgent maintenance. Whether planning to rent out your home or live there yourself, it’s  worth booking an EICR for your own safety and peace of mind.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry – an EICR will allow you to identify any problems within your home’s electrical installations and have them fixed before they get any worse.


Have A Burglar Alarm Installed


We’re sure that you love your new property, so make sure that you do everything that you can to protect it!


Having a burglar alarm installed is a consistently effective way of keeping your property and your family safe, and they’re a lot more affordable than you might imagine. There’s also a wide range of different burglar alarms available on the market, with something to suit every home.


Burglar alarms are a must for any home, so be sure to have yours’ installed before you move into your new property to maximise your safety.


Invest In CCTV


Slightly less common but just as beneficial is the installation of a CCTV system around your home.


CCTV is one of the most consistently effective ways to both prevent vandals or criminals targeting your home and to bring the culprits to justice if you find yourself in the rare and unfortunate position that somebody does make an attempt to damage or break into your property. One of the only security methods that acts as a deterrent as well as a way to catch criminals red-handed, CCTV is a must for those looking to maximise their home security levels.


With the popularity of home CCTV systems on the rise, there’s bound to be a suitable option on the market for your home – and, again, they’re far more affordable than you might imagine.


Earth Bonding


It’s not just security that you need to consider when keeping your household safe, but the dangers within the home, too.


As rare or as unlikely as it may seem, there’s always the risk of electric shock when using electrical appliances. One way to lessen the risk is by having an electrician carry out earth bonding within your property.


Earth bonding is designed to limit the voltage level of any accessible electrically conductive parts in order to reduce the risk of electrical shock. Most properties built before 1991 generally have the bonding wired in 6mm or 4mm cable – but most modern day properties don’t have any earth bonding at all.


If you’d like earth bonding for your own home, be sure to get in touch with an electrician that offers the service to homes in your area.


Kitchen Electrical Installation


If you’ve spent thousands of pounds on a brand new kitchen for your new property, you’ll want to make sure that everything is installed exactly as it should be – and that doesn’t just mean ensuring that the cupboards are put together properly.


Take the risk of mistakes out of the electrical installation of your kitchen appliances – both internal and external – by calling on the help of an electrician. A professional will be happy to help with the installation of everything from your oven, to your washing machine to any lighting systems within the space.


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ProElec Electrical Services Ltd. are NICEIC approved contractors. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable electricians are able to take on all kinds of electrical design, installation and maintenance services for Domestic and commercial properties in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. Warrington, Cheshire and Wigan, Greater Manchester areas.


If you’ve recently moved and would like more information on any of the services discussed above – or any of the other services that we offer – get in touch today! We’re always happy to help.


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