Garden outbuilding power supply

A Garden outbuilding power supply is probably one thing you’re not thinking about when planning your new outdoor space. It’s what will make or break your project. At a minimum, you'll need good lighting installed. If you plan to turn it into a garden office, you’ll need sockets and probably a heater. Call or email us now to get a quote...

Garden outbuilding power supply

Garden outbuilding power supply installation service by ProElec Electrical Services Ltd. NICEIC approved contractors and install a wide range of garden outbuilding power supplies. The most common outbuildings we install power supplies for are the Garden office, garden Bar, garden gym, Summer house, and sheds all outbuildings are wired up to current electrical wiring regulations BS7671 18th edition, 2020. We also provide electrical compliance certificates for the installation. it is important to use a company that has a good understanding when it comes to an electrical installation outdoors. If you have any issues with the power or lighting in an existing installation we will be more than happy to assist you to keep your garden office power supply running smoothly. A few local areas we cover Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. Warrington, Cheshire, and Wigan, Greater Manchester areas.

Garden buildings and their electrical power supplies

You have a garden outbuilding or a shed, that you would like to put power in so you can use as garden office, pod, studio, log cabin, garden bar, summerhouse, or even a business premises.   There is plenty to think about but getting the electrics installed safely is the most important decision you will make,

Your first consideration must be what exactly you want in the outbuilding. For example, do you need power, heating, lighting, or a water heater all these will depend on the size of cable needed to power the building?

FAQ’s on Garden outbuilding power supplies

would the electrical installation of the outdoor power supply need to comply with Part P of the Building Regulations?

All electrical installation work in a garden or outbuilding must meet the Building Regulations and be carried out by an electrician who is registered with one of the Government-approved scheme providers.

Would a garden office come pre-wired ready for electricity?

A quality garden office would come pre-wired with lighting and power sockets. but you would pay a high premium for the service. that's why it would be more cost effective for you to arrange your own electrician to do the electrical install.

How would the electric cable be run, over ground or underground?

Running the electric cable underground is much safer, it’s more efficient and a lot less unsightly. Although it is possible to run a power cable above ground if running below isn’t an option, the Benefit of burying the cable below ground is it’s out of sight and will not be disturbed by any future maintenance issues.  The first step would be to establish a route to the mains board or power supply that will power your outhouse.

How far away from the house will the garden building be?

An important factor you need to consider when running electricity to an outside building is distance. The distance the cable will run needs to be measured and calculated as the longer the distance away from the power supply, the bigger the diameter cable you’ll require so you don’t get a high voltage drop.

Will it need a dedicated power supply with its own consumer unit?

Depending on the number of circuits you are having installed outbuilding, if you were to just have one socket then the answer would be no, if you were having multiple circuits installed like lighting, power, and heating then yes, it would need a separate consumer unit to distribute the power correctly and safely. This could also give room for expansion for future works like adding power and lighting around the garden or a hot tub power supply.

The Do’s and Don’ts you need to remember.

  • DO consider how far away from the house you will site the outbuilding.
  • DO talk to a reputable electrician who could do the electrical design.
  • DO think about future expansion, if you’re going to add anything later on down the line.
  • DON’T try to wire it up yourself.
  • DON’T use a cable that is too small.
  • DON’T use a jack of all trades to connect the outbuilding up.
  • DON’T run an extension lead down the garden. (This could overheat and set on fire.)

How much will it cost to install the power to the outbuilding?

The price would vary depending on a few factors below.

  • What length and size of cable is needed.
  • Who will be digging the trench from the house to the outbuilding?
  • How many sockets and lights do you require installing.
  • Who will be providing the materials?

These are all factors that will contribute to the overall cost of the project.  You could save a considerable amount of money if you did the preparation work like digging the trench and laying the cable, this would save paying the electrician for carrying it out and he can spend his time wiring and connecting the accessories up.

What types of outbuildings could have power installed

  • Garden Bar
  • Summer House
  • Garden Office
  • Shed
  • Log Cabin

Basically, you could have power installed in any of the above mentioned outbuildings but you need to take into account its intended use, so if it was going to house a hot tub you would need to think about the water, so then you would need to use suitable waterproof accessories to prevent the risk of electrical shock.

Garden Bar
Garden office and Hot Tub housing
Garden bar
Garden Gym

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KC Chutima
KC Chutima
30. November, 2021.
Really happy with the service we received when we needed an emergency electrician when our power was out. Very quick and friendly service came within an hour of call out and fixed our switch board straight away. Would highly recommend!
Carrie Watson
Carrie Watson
30. November, 2021.
Really pleased with the way my Consumer unit replacement went! Very professional, knowledgeable and responsive company! I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Charlotte Van Den Hoek
Charlotte Van Den Hoek
25. November, 2021.
Fantastic service! I would 100% recommend Lee and his team to others. I'm really pleased with my security lighting, you've all done a great job. Thank you!
Anthony Cunliffe
Anthony Cunliffe
20. November, 2021.
On time good at their job. Nice friendly guys
Su Daintith
Su Daintith
9. November, 2021.
Used Lee a number of times for some projects. Including change of the board, rewiring an oven, external lighting and light faults. Always on time, polite and friendly lads. Recommend to others
Maureen Lawrenson
Maureen Lawrenson
24. October, 2021.
Rang Lee up at ProElec and explained the job, as the lady is 92, and partially sighted. They came the next day, as they are local to us. Absolutely fine, job done and so grateful for the speedy response. Would recommend to all.
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks
9. August, 2021.
Top quality service from Lee. Instalation of the new main panel and bathroom light fittings was completed without any issues and he made sure safe working practices were followed throughout the job. Everything was explained to me regarding changes and upgrades so that I understood it all properly, and they left the work areas clean and tidy. Friendly and professional, thank you.
Matt Simcock
Matt Simcock
5. August, 2021.
Lee and Bailey did a great job setting up the electrics at our new house. Very friendly, communicative and professional. Fine work and highly recommended.

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